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Admission Fall 2023

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How to apply in GCUF Admission ?
Step 1 Admission Account ! Create Admission Account.
Step 2 Login ! Login Admission portal . You can login CNIC with Date of birth OR CNIC with Password.
Step 3 Personal Information ! After login Check Your Personal Information. Here you can update it.
Step 4 Photograph ! upload your recent photograph.
Step 5 Academic details ! Add your previous academic details one by one from lower to higher degree level.
Step 6 Entry Test ! Add Entry Test detail if required.
Step 7 Program Selection ! Select program(s) in which you want to get admission in GCUF.
Step 8 Proof Reading ! Check your application thoroughly if found any mistake update relevent section and then finalize application.
Step 9 Fee Voucher ! Take Print of Fee voucher and pay in mentioned Bank.