Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students who have awarded admission are directed to visit the concerned Department from 17-OCT-22  to  19-OCT-22 (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM) along with all original documents to collect the voucher. Please also bring paid admission fee voucher and two sets of photocopies of all documents mentioned on the application form.
Aggregate percentage is calculated after deduction of 10 marks per year for earlier sessions students.

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101129428   MUHAMMAD IBRAHEEM   FALAK SHER M M.Phil Sociology 82.57 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Correction Required
2 101110630   ZAINAB EHSAN   ZAINAB EHSAN F M.Phil Sociology 82.21 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
3 101111483   AQSA ALI   SARFRAZ KHAN F M.Phil Sociology 79.11 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
4 101124007   AHMER LATIF   AMJAD LATIF M M.Phil Sociology 76.08 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Time Expired
5 101110963   AYESHA KIRAN   MUHAMMAD ASGHAR F M.Phil Sociology 74.06 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Time Expired
6 101110490   KAINAT MURTAZA   GHULAM MURTAZA F M.Phil Sociology 73.68 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
7 101128066   SUNBAL ISLAM   MUHAMMAD ISLAM F M.Phil Sociology 73.26 1st 17-OCT-2207-DEC-22 Morning Fee Paid
8 101118742   SANA ANWAR   MUHAMMAD ANWAR F M.Phil Sociology 72.84 1st 17-OCT-2207-DEC-22 Morning Fee Paid
9 101115965   HAIQA TAHIR   MUHAMMAD TAHIR F M.Phil Sociology 72.60 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
10 101118643   RUBAIL   IJAZ F M.Phil Sociology 72.28 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
11 101111082   FATIMA BIBI   JAVED IQBAL F M.Phil Sociology 72.10 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
12 101129579   SAMAN SABAR   MUHAMMAD SABAR F M.Phil Sociology 71.86 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Time Expired
13 101113834   MUHAMMAD ASAD BILAL   SHAHID BILAL M M.Phil Sociology 71.58 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
14 101124668   MUHAMMAD AFZAL   ABDUL GHAFOOR M M.Phil Sociology 70.65 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
15 101111806   SHEHROZ JAVED   ABID JAVED M M.Phil Sociology 70.29 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
16 101117405   MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ   MUHAMMAD TAJ M M.Phil Sociology 70.02 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
17 101111164   ABDUL HANAN   MAQSOOD AHMAD M M.Phil Sociology 69.98 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
18 101115784   MUHAMMAD ATHAR BASHIR   BASHIR MUHAMMAD M M.Phil Sociology 69.97 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
19 101125367   HASSAN RAZA   MUHAMMAD SAFDAR ALI M M.Phil Sociology 69.78 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
20 101129007   MUHAMMAD SHEHARYAR   MANZOOR HUSSAIN M M.Phil Sociology 69.37 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
21 101113869   MUHAMMAD AHSAN   ABDUL GHAFOOR M M.Phil Sociology 69.00 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
22 101120172   TEHMINA HASSAN   ALTAF HUSSAIN F M.Phil Sociology 68.55 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
23 101129645   BILAL HASSAN   MUMTAZ HUSSAIN M M.Phil Sociology 68.10 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
24 101118991   ARSLAN SIKANDAR   SHER MUHAMMAD M M.Phil Sociology 67.17 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Time Expired
25 101118485   MISHAL NAZ   SHAHID IQBAL F M.Phil Sociology 65.82 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
26 101110312   MUHAMMAD KAMRAN   MUHAMMAD ASLAM M M.Phil Sociology 63.12 1st  17-OCT-22  19-OCT-22  Morning Fee Paid
27 101129428   MUHAMMAD IBRAHEEM   FALAK SHER M M.Phil Sociology 68.68 2nd  24-OCT-22  25-OCT-22  Morning Time Expired
Total Listed Aplicants:   27 Total Seats :   30 Occupied Seats :   21

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Quota Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status