SEMESTER Fall, 2023-2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101291851   ZUKHRAF RASHEED   ABDUL RASHEED F M.Phil Physics 86.30 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
2 101285964   QURBAN ALI   MUHAMMAD ASHRAF M M.Phil Physics 83.57 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
3 101252619   TALHA SHABBIR GILL   SHABBIR HUSSAIN GILL M M.Phil Physics 81.04 1st  06-SEP-23  15-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
4 101283949   AATIKA RIAZ   MUHAMMAD RIAZ F M.Phil Physics 81.00 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
5 101282751   KAINAT YASEEN   GHULAM YASEEN F M.Phil Physics 80.86 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
6 101269824   SITARA FAROOQ   FAROOQ AHMED JANJUA F M.Phil Physics 80.00 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
7 101258834   FATIMA AZHAR   AZHAR SHAMIM F M.Phil Physics 79.57 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
8 101287295   GUL NOOR FATIMA   MUHAMMAD AMEEN F M.Phil Physics 79.53 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
9 101267566   SANA RASHEED   MUHAMMAD RASHEED F M.Phil Physics 79.44 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
10 101280350   ZAIB UN NISA   MUHAMMAD ARSHAD F M.Phil Physics 78.73 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
11 101247849   KAINAT SARFRAZ.   SARFRAZ AHMAD. F M.Phil Physics 78.66 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
12 101249130   MUHAMMAD NABEEL   MUHAMMAD NADEEM M M.Phil Physics 78.26 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
13 101271559   MEHREEN MUJAHID   MUJAHID MEHMOOD F M.Phil Physics 78.16 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
14 101271261   NATASHA SANA   ABDUL AZIZ F M.Phil Physics 77.96 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
15 101287532   FAIZA BATOOL   MUHAMMAD JAVAID F M.Phil Physics 77.77 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
16 101271042   MUHAMMAD MUBEEN ZAHID   MUHAMMAD ZAHID IQBAL M M.Phil Physics 77.21 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
17 101251752   MUHAMMAD REHMAN   KHALID MEHMOOD M M.Phil Physics 76.66 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
18 101262291   AROOJ ASGHAR   ASGHAR ALI F M.Phil Physics 76.61 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
19 101249747   RIDA NASREEN   MUHAMMAD SARWAR F M.Phil Physics 76.00 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
20 101260865   SUMAIRA SABIR   MUHAMMAD SABIR F M.Phil Physics 75.89 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
21 101249745   TAYYABA KHALID   KHALID HUSSAIN F M.Phil Physics 75.69 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
22 101279337   MUZDALFA ALI   ABDUL ALI F M.Phil Physics 74.58 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
23 101278892   HASEEB ASLAM   MUHAMMAD ASLAM M M.Phil Physics 74.53 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
24 101289134   RABBIA NAZ   RASHEED AHMAD F M.Phil Physics 74.00 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
25 101287884   ALI USMAN   MUHAMMAD LATIF M M.Phil Physics 73.88 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
26 101302205   MUHAMMAD AUSAF AHMAD   KHALID MASOOD AHMAD M M.Phil Physics 73.60 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
27 101272208   IRSA GHAZAL   KHARAT F M.Phil Physics 73.57 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
28 101285436   LARAIB BATOOL   SAJID IQBAL F M.Phil Physics 73.24 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
29 101278453   IQRA   SHAMSHAD ALI F M.Phil Physics 73.10 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
30 101258396   BILAL HAIDAR   RAHMAT ALI M M.Phil Physics 72.86 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
31 101303110   SAQIB RAZA   ATTA ULLAH M M.Phil Physics 86.64 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
32 101291851   ZUKHRAF RASHEED   ABDUL RASHEED F M.Phil Physics 86.30 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
33 101255096   ZAID IQBAL   IQBAL HUSSAIN M M.Phil Physics 77.43 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
34 101260865   SUMAIRA SABIR   MUHAMMAD SABIR F M.Phil Physics 75.89 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
35 101287473   INSHRA IFTIKHAR   MUHAMMAD IFTIKHAR AHMAD F M.Phil Physics 72.86 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
36 101274772   SANA MAQSOOD   MUHAMMAD MAQSOOD F M.Phil Physics 72.67 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
37 101283104   MUDASSAR ABBAS   MUHAMMAD RAFIQUE M M.Phil Physics 72.66 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
38 101272195   ZIA ULLAH   ABDULLAH M M.Phil Physics 72.51 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
39 101278300   HUMA SAEED   MUHAMMAD SAEED ANWAR F M.Phil Physics 72.28 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
40 101277361   SAIMA MUSHTAQ   MUSHTAQ AHMAD F M.Phil Physics 72.03 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
41 101281715   KEHKASHAN   ABBAS ALI F M.Phil Physics 72.00 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
42 101287644   HAFIZ GULNAWAZ BUTT   MUHAMMAD ISHAQ BUTT M M.Phil Physics 71.90 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
43 101289745   BILAL SADIQ   SUBAH SADIQ M M.Phil Physics 71.85 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
44 101246530   SANIA SAEED   SAEED AHMAD F M.Phil Physics 71.61 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
45 101268578   SAFIA BANO   RASHEED AHMAD JAM F M.Phil Physics 71.50 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
46 101264970   ARMESH IFTIKHAR   IFTIKHAR AHMAD CHAUDHARY F M.Phil Physics 71.09 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
47 101249898   SANA IRFAN   IRFAN TAHIR F M.Phil Physics 70.66 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
48 101275857   MANZOOR KHAN   HAMEED ULLAH KHAN M M.Phil Physics 70.13 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
49 101250812   ZAINAB KHALID   MUHAMMAD KHALID IQBAL F M.Phil Physics 70.04 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
50 101269410   ARSHIA ASHRAF   MUHAMMAD ASHRAF F M.Phil Physics 68.99 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
51 101250558   TOOBA   TARIQ MEHMOOD F M.Phil Physics 68.94 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
52 101282910   SANA FATIMA   ZAHID NOOR MUHAMMAD F M.Phil Physics 68.66 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
53 101285461   AYESHA RAMZAN   MUHAMMAD RAMZAN F M.Phil Physics 68.65 4th 21-SEP-2322-SEP-23 Morning Awarded
54 101245750   ALI HAIDER FARMAN   FARMAN ALI M M.Phil Physics 68.61 4th 21-SEP-2322-SEP-23 Morning Fee Paid
Total Eligible Aplicants:   54 Total Seats :   30 Occupied Seats :   29

Vacant Seats :1

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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