SEMESTER Fall, 2023-2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101293793   BARRAH MARYAM   ASGHAR ALI F M.Phil Zoology 86.03 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
2 101252038   ZAKEEM KHAN   BARAZ KHAN M M.Phil Zoology 85.08 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
3 101247602   MUHAMMAD MUDASSAR RAZA   ASHIQ HUSSAIN M M.Phil Zoology 83.31 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
4 101286936   QAMAR HANEEF   MUHAMMAD HANEEF F M.Phil Zoology 83.04 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
5 101284608   SANA TARIQ   RANA TARIQ MEHMOOD F M.Phil Zoology 82.64 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
6 101287457   NOOR FATIMA   KHALID HAMEED F M.Phil Zoology 82.15 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
7 101255553   SAJID ULLAH   DAWOOD SHAH KHAN M M.Phil Zoology 80.78 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
8 101302847   ASIFA NOREEN   MUHAMMAD RAMZAN F M.Phil Zoology 80.66 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
9 101268599   AZKA ZAFAR   ZAFAR IQBAL KHOKHAR F M.Phil Zoology 80.34 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
10 101302275   MOHAMMAD ASIF   MUHAMMAD SHAFFI M M.Phil Zoology 79.91 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
11 101276472   AQSA NAWAZ   MUHAMMAD NAWAZ F M.Phil Zoology 79.09 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
12 101302512   NEHA JAMEEL   MUHAMMAD JAMEEL AHMAD F M.Phil Zoology 79.05 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
13 101285692   ALLAH RAKHA   ALLAH BUKSH M M.Phil Zoology 78.89 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
14 101267408   FARIA MAZHAR   MAZHAR ALI F M.Phil Zoology 78.84 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
15 101281932   AMNA IQBAL   M IQBAL F M.Phil Zoology 78.48 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
16 101271600   MUHAMMAD ASIF   MANZOOR AHMAD M M.Phil Zoology 78.14 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
17 101271984   AZHAR HUSSAIN   AKBAR ALI M M.Phil Zoology 77.90 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
18 101291914   AQSA   HABIB AHMAD F M.Phil Zoology 77.72 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
19 101254294   INTIKHAB ALAM   HAMESH GUL M M.Phil Zoology 77.21 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
20 101303060   SANILA BIBI   KIFAYAT HUSSAIN F M.Phil Zoology 76.89 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
21 101302867   SAIRA SAFDAR   MUHAMMAD SAFDAR F M.Phil Zoology 76.63 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
22 101278235   FAIZA TAHIR   MUHAMMAD TAHIR F M.Phil Zoology 76.19 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
23 101256045   NABIAHMAD   MUHAMMAD AFZAL M M.Phil Zoology 76.05 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
24 101279207   MAROOF   MUHAMMAD ASHIQ F M.Phil Zoology 75.96 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
25 101273431   MUHAMMAD RAZZAQ SHAHID   ZULFIQAR ALI M M.Phil Zoology 75.91 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
26 101291923   KASHAF BABAR   BABAR RASHEED F M.Phil Zoology 75.78 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
27 101302808   AQSA SHAFIQ   MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ F M.Phil Zoology 75.62 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
28 101274975   AQSA AFZAL   MUHAMMAD AFZAL NAZ F M.Phil Zoology 75.37 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
29 101295558   ALISHBA   ANSAR-UL-HAQ F M.Phil Zoology 75.29 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
30 101245295   TAHIR HUSSAIN   TARIQ HUSSAIN M M.Phil Zoology 75.23 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
31 101302915   ULFAT BATOOL   MUHAMMAD MAQBOOL F M.Phil Zoology 75.20 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
32 101269899   AYESHA TARIQ   TARIQ ALI F M.Phil Zoology 74.97 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
33 101261180   IRSA SHAFIQUE   MUHAMMAD SHAFIQUE F M.Phil Zoology 74.86 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
34 101249914   SEHAR   ANEES F M.Phil Zoology 74.75 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
35 101299097   ALI ASGHAR   ABDUL RAZZAQ M M.Phil Zoology 74.70 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
36 101251156   SAMIULLAH   GHULAM FAROOQ SAQIB M M.Phil Zoology 74.49 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
37 101268655   MUHAMMAD ADNAN SAEED   MUHAMMAD SAEE M M.Phil Zoology 74.28 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
38 101269768   MUHAMMAD KASHIF   MUHAMMAD YAMEEN M M.Phil Zoology 74.97 1st  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Replica Correction Required
39 101303232   AYESHA NOOR   MUHAMMAD ASLAM F M.Phil Zoology 85.18 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
40 101268038   AJWA NAZAR   NAZAR ABBAS F M.Phil Zoology 74.09 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
41 101284459   AYESHA YAQOOB   MOHAMMAD YAQOOB F M.Phil Zoology 74.06 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
42 101276614   ALIYA MUQADDAS   MUHAMMAD ASLAM F M.Phil Zoology 74.00 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
43 101293955   QURAT UL AIN   NIAZ ALI F M.Phil Zoology 73.93 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
44 101298754   BISMILLAH   GHAZANFAR ALI F M.Phil Zoology 73.93 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
45 101282104   EMAN FATIMA   MUHAMMAD AKBAR KHAN F M.Phil Zoology 73.70 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
46 101279103   IRSA AROOJ   MUHAMMAD ASHRAF F M.Phil Zoology 73.69 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
47 101279771   ZAHRA KASHIF   MUHAMMAD KASHIF F M.Phil Zoology 73.67 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
48 101247803   QURA TUL AIN   NASEER AHMAD F M.Phil Zoology 73.63 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
49 101288625   MUQADDAS NAZ   MUHAMMAD ARSHAD F M.Phil Zoology 73.38 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
50 101288275   PALWASHA SHAHZADI   TAHIR MEHMOOD F M.Phil Zoology 73.31 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
51 101269353   MISBAH TARIQ   MUHAMMAD TARIQ F M.Phil Zoology 73.18 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
52 101271183   SAMAR FATIMA   GHULAM MURTAZA F M.Phil Zoology 73.18 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
53 101266142   FARAH KHALIQ   ABDUL KHALIQ F M.Phil Zoology 72.98 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
54 101252692   LARAIB   GHULAM ABBAS F M.Phil Zoology 72.96 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
55 101270491   ZARQA ZAIDI   JAMSHAD ALI F M.Phil Zoology 72.91 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
56 101247441   MARYAM BIBI   ALLAH DITTA F M.Phil Zoology 72.86 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
57 101292997   SIDRA RAZAQ   ABDUL RAZAQ F M.Phil Zoology 72.82 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
58 101284349   MUHAMMAD FAREED SAEED   MUHAMMAD SAEED M M.Phil Zoology 72.82 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
59 101279280   AMNA MUZAFFAR   MUHAMMAD MUZAFFAR KHAN F M.Phil Zoology 72.74 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
60 101261275   FARHEEN GULL   RIAZ GULL F M.Phil Zoology 72.73 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
61 101287395   ULFAT ZAHRA   M MOHSIN ABBAS F M.Phil Zoology 72.14 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
62 101293868   MUHAMMAD HASSAN   SAKHAWAT ALI M M.Phil Zoology 72.68 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
63 101277418   GUL E SHIRIN BUTT   GHULAM ABBAS F M.Phil Zoology 72.64 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
64 101280368   HAFSA SAEED   M SAEED AKHTAR F M.Phil Zoology 72.58 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
65 101257065   MINAL RIAZ   MUHAMMAD RIAZ F M.Phil Zoology 72.57 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
66 101293282   TAHIR ABBAS   RAY MUHAMMAD ARIF BHATTI M M.Phil Zoology 72.53 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Time Expired
67 101250400   RABEE HASSAN   TALIB HUSSAIN M M.Phil Zoology 72.28 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
68 101252737   RABIA RIAZ   MUHAMMAD RIAZ KHAN F M.Phil Zoology 72.25 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
69 101269768   MUHAMMAD KASHIF   MUHAMMAD YAMEEN M M.Phil Zoology 72.97 2nd  25-SEP-23  28-SEP-23  Replica Fee Paid
70 101283844   SADIA SAEED   SAEED AHMAD F M.Phil Zoology 72.28 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
71 101275057   SEHAR SHABBIR   SHABBIR AHMED F M.Phil Zoology 72.19 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
72 101281631   AMINA ANWAR   MUHAMMAD ANWAR F M.Phil Zoology 72.14 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
73 101266852   ZUNAIRA ASIF   MUHAMMAD ASIF F M.Phil Zoology 72.05 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
74 101265969   ZAIB UN NISA   ZAFAR ABBAS F M.Phil Zoology 71.83 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
75 101287785   ZARA BATOOL   ABDUL RAZAQ F M.Phil Zoology 71.77 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
76 101272206   AIMEN   ASHFAQ AHMED F M.Phil Zoology 71.74 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
77 101270476   MUHAMMAD ADNAN   GHULAM SABIR M M.Phil Zoology 71.64 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
78 101303392   SEERAT FATIMA   MUHAMMAD BASHIR F M.Phil Zoology 71.63 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
79 101283073   AHMED ALI FARAZ   MUNAM AHMAD M M.Phil Zoology 71.53 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
80 101247619   MANIHA   BAHAWAL SHER F M.Phil Zoology 71.47 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
81 101248084   SYEDA FAGHIA ANSAB NAQVI   SYED AHMED ABRAR NAQVI F M.Phil Zoology 71.13 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
82 101257921   MUHAMMAD NADEEM   LAL MUHAMMAD M M.Phil Zoology 71.10 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
83 101303388   MUZAYAN FATIMA   MUHAMMAD BASHIR F M.Phil Zoology 71.06 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
84 101275988   MISBAH   MUHAMMAD ASHRAF F M.Phil Zoology 73.31 3rd 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
85 101249649   HINA MUSHTAQ   MUSHTAQ HUSSAIN F M.Phil Zoology 71.01 4th  04-OCT-23  06-OCT-23  Replica Fee Paid
86 101245324   ALIA LIAQAT   LIAQAT ALI F M.Phil Zoology 70.84 4th  04-OCT-23  06-OCT-23  Replica Fee Paid
87 101271209   AYESHA MUSTAFA   GHULAM MUSTAFA F M.Phil Zoology 70.84 4th  04-OCT-23  06-OCT-23  Replica Fee Paid
88 101257097   UMAIR RASHEED   RASHEED AHMAD M M.Phil Zoology 70.69 4th  04-OCT-23  06-OCT-23  Replica Time Expired
89 101260672   AYESHA BATOOL   MUHAMMAD ASHIQ F M.Phil Zoology 65.69 11-OCT-2311-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
90 101267488   KHIZRA SAHAB   MUHAMMAD TAHIR F M.Phil Zoology 70.69 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
91 101291943   RIDA FATIMA   SHAFQAT ALI F M.Phil Zoology 70.63 09-OCT-2311-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
92 101292166   AYESHA MAQBOOL   NISAR AHMAD MAQBOOL F M.Phil Zoology 70.38 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
93 101255440   RABIA YOUSAF   YOUSAF ALI SHAHID F M.Phil Zoology 70.30 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
94 101292996   NADIR ABBAS   ABDUL RASHEED M M.Phil Zoology 70.23 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
95 101274531   FAISAL IJAZ   IJAZ HUSSAIN M M.Phil Zoology 70.18 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
96 101288837   AFSA ASGHAR   MUHAMMAD AKRAM F M.Phil Zoology 70.13 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
97 101282271   SAWERA ANJUM   MEHBOOB SUBHANI F M.Phil Zoology 70.02 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
98 101284972   ALISHBA UROOJ   MUHAMMAD SAEED F M.Phil Zoology 70.01 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
99 101253362   RABIA SHAHZADI   ARSHAD MEHMOOD CHEEMA F M.Phil Zoology 69.82 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
100 101278640   AHMAD HASSAN   HAFIZ ABDUL MAJEED M M.Phil Zoology 69.78 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
101 101247407   SABAHAT   ABDUL RAZZAQ F M.Phil Zoology 69.62 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
102 101278779   TAHREEM ZAFAR   ZAFAR IQBAL F M.Phil Zoology 69.61 09-OCT-2323-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
103 101284100   ZAIN SIKANDAR   SIKANDAR ALI M M.Phil Zoology 69.58 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
104 101274893   FAREEHA NAWAZ   MUHAMMAD NAWAZ F M.Phil Zoology 69.55 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
105 101282994   WISHA GHULAM MUSTAFA   MALIK GHULAM MUSTAFA F M.Phil Zoology 69.52 09-OCT-2311-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
106 101303227   RANA FATIMA   MUHAMMAD KHAN F M.Phil Zoology 68.95 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
107 101303208   NASREEN   MUHAMMAD AJMAL KHAN F M.Phil Zoology 68.90 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
108 101302807   SEHRISH NOREEN   KHALIL AHMAD F M.Phil Zoology 68.56 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
109 101293845   RABIA JAVED   JAVED ANWAR F M.Phil Zoology 68.17 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
110 101248525   AQSA ZAMIR   ZAMEER UL HUSSAN KHAN F M.Phil Zoology 68.05 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
111 101292667   SHUMAILA AREEJ   MOHAMMAD ANWAR F M.Phil Zoology 67.89 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
112 101246715   PAKEEZA FATIMA   QASIM ALI F M.Phil Zoology 67.44 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
113 101251284   MINHAJ UL ABIDIN   MUHAMMAD YAQOOB M M.Phil Zoology 67.32 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
114 101266167   AAMIR HUSSAIN   ALLAH DIWAYA M M.Phil Zoology 67.31 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
115 101286558   AQUSA NAZAR   NAZAR HUSSAIN SHAH F M.Phil Zoology 67.31 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Awarded
116 101246224   SAIMA SHAHZADI   MUHAMMAD SARDAR F M.Phil Zoology 67.04 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
117 101271917   ARISH ZULFIQAR   MUHAMMAD ZULFIQAR F M.Phil Zoology 66.01 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
118 101282824   ASIA LIAQAT   LIAQAT ALI F M.Phil Zoology 65.89 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
119 101279163   ANSA IMTIAZ   IMTIAZ AHMAD F M.Phil Zoology 65.83 09-OCT-2310-OCT-23 Replica Fee Paid
Total Eligible Aplicants:   119 Total Seats :   30 Occupied Seats :   40

Vacant Seats :-10

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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