SEMESTER Fall, 2023-2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101253431   BAREERA FAAZAL   MUHAMMAD FAAZAL BUTT F MS Biotechnology 95.74 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
2 101288840   MUHAMMAD HASSAN RAZA   QADEER-UL-ZAMAN M MS Biotechnology 91.80 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
3 101274751   SABA JUNAID   JUNAID AKBAR RIAZ F MS Biotechnology 82.75 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
4 101302083   MARIAM SAEED   MUHAMMAD SAEED F MS Biotechnology 82.40 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
5 101293374   ADIBA QAYYUM   ABDUL QAYYUM F MS Biotechnology 82.39 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
6 101278707   MOHAMMED ABDULLAH   AZMAT ULLAH BUTT M MS Biotechnology 81.70 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
7 101267268   SABAHAT ADNAN   MUHAMMED BOOTA NAVEED F MS Biotechnology 81.66 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
8 101287365   MUHAMMAD UMAR MUZAFAR KHAN   ABDUL GHAFFAR KHAN M MS Biotechnology 81.46 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
9 101281579   FAIZA BATOOL   MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ UR REHMAN F MS Biotechnology 81.24 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
10 101269808   ALI RAZA   MAZHAR HUSSAIN M MS Biotechnology 79.85 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
11 101289887   SANA MURTAZA   GHULAM MURTAZA F MS Biotechnology 78.95 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
12 101303437   MAHNOOR TARIQ   TARIQ MEHMOOD F MS Biotechnology 78.16 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
13 101265217   MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH   NASIR PERVAIZ M MS Biotechnology 78.00 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
14 101302734   MUNTAHA GULL   KHALID MEHMOOD F MS Biotechnology 77.98 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
15 101296213   FIZA ALI   ALI MUHAMMAD F MS Biotechnology 77.90 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
16 101285443   AYESHA ABAIDULLAH   MUHAMMAD ABAIDULLAH F MS Biotechnology 77.83 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
17 101247061   SOMIA SEHAR   TARIQ AYUAB F MS Biotechnology 76.59 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
18 101280433   AWAIS HAMEED   ABDUL HAMEED SHAHID M MS Biotechnology 76.49 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
19 101275035   GHANVA MUSTAFA   GHULAM MUSTAFA F MS Biotechnology 76.48 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
20 101279144   SARIB SHAHID   SHAHID MEHMOOD F MS Biotechnology 76.30 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
21 101247743   AYESHA BIBI   ASGHAR ALI F MS Biotechnology 75.80 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
22 101265328   MEHAK FATIMA   HAQ NAWAZ F MS Biotechnology 75.46 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
23 101265108   NOOR FATIMA   ZAFAR IQBAL F MS Biotechnology 75.37 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
24 101252857   MUHAMMAD ALI RAZA   IJAZ AHMAD M MS Biotechnology 73.31 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
25 101287535   AYESHA SIDDIQUE   MUHAMMAD SIDDIQUE F MS Biotechnology 73.30 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
26 101282773   MARYUM BUKHARI   SYED MUNAWAR HUSSAIN SHAH F MS Biotechnology 72.53 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
27 101287739   MUHAMMAD NOMAN KHALID   MUHAMMAD KHALID M MS Biotechnology 72.45 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
28 101282473   MOMINA IFTIKHAR   IFTIKHAR ALI F MS Biotechnology 72.18 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
29 101255362   AYESHA HANIF   MOHAMMAD HANIF F MS Biotechnology 72.15 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
30 101259898   ADINA   ABDUL HAKIM F MS Biotechnology 72.00 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
31 101265108   NOOR FATIMA   ZAFAR IQBAL F MS Biotechnology 75.57 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
32 101262105   MUHAMMAD HASSAN JAHANZAIB   ARSHAD ALI M MS Biotechnology 71.65 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
33 101267984   MUHAMMAD ALI SALEEM   MUHAMMAD SALEEM M MS Biotechnology 71.63 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
34 101295970   JAVERIA   GHULAM MUSTAFA F MS Biotechnology 71.54 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
35 101287370   NIMRA HABIB   HABIB UR REHMAN F MS Biotechnology 70.85 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
36 101302855   RIMSHA SHAMSHAD   SHAMSHAD UL HAQ F MS Biotechnology 70.78 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
37 101267268   SABAHAT ADNAN   MUHAMMED BOOTA NAVEED F MS Biotechnology 70.18 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
38 101253120   HIFZA SHAHID   SHAHID MAHMOOD F MS Biotechnology 70.12 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
39 101287289   HAJRA IJAZ   ASLAM IJAZ F MS Biotechnology 69.56 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
40 101286979   SARA   MUHAMMAD ASGHAR F MS Biotechnology 69.14 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
41 101245681   AREEJ KHAN   SHAHBAZ AHMED KHAN F MS Biotechnology 68.55 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
42 101303175   RUKHSAR FATIMA   AZHAR ALI F MS Biotechnology 67.81 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
43 101263853   HUMAIRA ISLAM   MUHAMMAD ISLAM F MS Biotechnology 67.33 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
44 101250623   HAMNA AKHTAR   MUHAMMAD AKHTAR F MS Biotechnology 67.18 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
45 101260604   MUHAMMAD HASEEB IJAZ   IJAZ AHMAD KALYAKA M MS Biotechnology 67.09 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
46 101272278   SHUMAIZA NADEEM   NADEEM ABBAS F MS Biotechnology 66.85 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
47 101266476   ALEENA MAHMOOD   MEHMOOD AHMAD F MS Biotechnology 65.69 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
48 101303218   AZKA SEERAT   ABDUL MAJEED F MS Biotechnology 63.84 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
49 101266401   KASHAF FATIMA   GHULAM MUSTAFA F MS Biotechnology 63.61 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
50 101267411   MISHA   MIRAJ F MS Biotechnology 62.28 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
51 101269808   ALI RAZA   MAZHAR HUSSAIN M MS Biotechnology 79.85 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
52 101253120   HIFZA SHAHID   SHAHID MAHMOOD F MS Biotechnology 69.99 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
53 101279476   GHULAM FATIMA   MAZHAR HUSSAIN F MS Biotechnology 61.56 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
54 101287464   ANSA BAIG   ALLAH YAR F MS Biotechnology 61.88 4th 27-SEP-2328-SEP-23 Morning Awarded
Total Eligible Aplicants:   54 Total Seats :   30 Occupied Seats :   30

Vacant Seats :0

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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