Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher
from 15-OCT-21   to   15-OCT-21 at 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 100979657   SAMIA TARIQ   ASGHAR ALI TARIQ F M.Phil Botany 85.28 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Correction Required
2 100977788   SIDRA BALOOCH   MUHAMMAD AKRAM KHAN DASTI F M.Phil Botany 83.83 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
3 100974657   HAMZA NAWAZ   HAJI NAWAZ UL HAQ M M.Phil Botany 82.79 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
4 100985121   SAFINA SHAKIR   MUHAMMAD HANIF SHAKIR F M.Phil Botany 81.54 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
5 100979162   AYESHA   MAZHAR ALI F M.Phil Botany 80.95 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
6 100972526   WAJIH UD DIN   JUMMA DIN M M.Phil Botany 80.90 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
7 100982433   AMINA SHAKEEL   SHAKEEL AHMAD F M.Phil Botany 80.43 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
8 100982906   SUMAYYA AKRAM   MUHAMMAD AKRAM F M.Phil Botany 80.20 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
9 100976193   KASHAF NAEEM   NAEEM AHMAD ZAHID F M.Phil Botany 79.58 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
10 100976302   MARYAM BIBI   MUHAMMAD RIAZ F M.Phil Botany 78.89 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
11 100981625   NIMRA ABBAS   GHULAM ABBAS F M.Phil Botany 78.52 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
12 100976309   AYESHA BIBI   ALLAH DITTA GHALLU F M.Phil Botany 78.08 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
13 100984606   AYESHA IFTEKHAR   IFTEKHAR HUSSAIN F M.Phil Botany 77.80 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
14 100977432   MUHAMMAD BILAL   ABDUL GHAFOOR M M.Phil Botany 77.74 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
15 100973057   AYESHA JAMEEL   JAMEEL AKHTAR F M.Phil Botany 77.74 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
16 100994183   SHAHAR BANO   SHEIKH AZHAR ABBAS F M.Phil Botany 77.57 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
17 100977283   IRSA NAWAZ   MUHAMMAD NAWAZ F M.Phil Botany 77.51 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
18 100990803   NAJAM UD DEEN   IMAM UD DEEN M M.Phil Botany 77.46 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
19 100983251   SADAF IJAZ   IJAZ AHMED F M.Phil Botany 77.36 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
20 100997660   AROOJ FATIMA   MUHAMMAD NASIR F M.Phil Botany 77.31 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
21 100977087   SABA ASHRAF   MUHAMMAD ASHRAF F M.Phil Botany 77.21 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
22 100992361   FATIMA SALEEM   MUHAMMAD SALEEM F M.Phil Botany 77.21 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
23 100976905   MUHAMMAD ABID   ALLAH DAAD M M.Phil Botany 77.03 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
24 100994062   MAZHAR HUSSAIN   GHULAM HUSSAIN M M.Phil Botany 76.90 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
25 100982070   MUHAMMAD IMRAN   FAIZ MUHAMMAD M M.Phil Botany 76.84 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
26 100980929   NABEEL ARIF   MUHAMMAD ARIF M M.Phil Botany 76.46 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
27 100976942   IQRA ASLAM   MUHMMAD ASLAM F M.Phil Botany 76.38 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
28 100980120   ZOBIA PERVEEN   MUHAMMAD ISMAIL F M.Phil Botany 76.17 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
29 100970005   AMINA BUKHARI   INTIZAR AHMAD F M.Phil Botany 76.10 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
30 100972963   NATASHA SHOUKAT   SHOUKAT ALI KHAN F M.Phil Botany 76.06 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
31 100979020   HASIAM   ABDUL SATTAR M M.Phil Botany 76.06 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
32 100977557   MARIA ALI   LIAQAT ALI F M.Phil Botany 75.95 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
33 100992360   SADIA RIAZ   MUHAMMAD RIAZ F M.Phil Botany 75.93 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Correction Required
34 100977428   FATIMA REHMAN   ABDUL REHMAN DOGAR F M.Phil Botany 75.93 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
35 100974206   FARWA ASLAM   MUHAMMAD ASLAM F M.Phil Botany 75.81 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
36 100984136   MUHAMMAD ADEEL SHAHID   MUHAMMAD SHAHID ASLAM M M.Phil Botany 75.61 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
37 100975647   KHADIJA HAFEEZ   HAFEEZ AHMAD F M.Phil Botany 75.55 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
38 100975450   BABUR MUNIR   MUNIR AHMAD M M.Phil Botany 75.54 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
39 100976001   HAFIZA AQEELA IFTIKHAR   MUHAMMAD IFTIKHAR F M.Phil Botany 75.48 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
40 100975000   FERKHANDA FAROOQ   FAROOQ HUSSAIN F M.Phil Botany 75.46 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
41 100992360   SADIA RIAZ   MUHAMMAD RIAZ F M.Phil Botany 75.26 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
42 100984691   ABDULLAH SIAL   MUHAMMAD AKHTAR M M.Phil Botany 75.26 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
43 100979657   SAMIA TARIQ   ASGHAR ALI TARIQ F M.Phil Botany 75.25 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
44 100976729   IQRA RIAZ   M RIAZ F M.Phil Botany 75.24 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
45 100978161   IFRA SATTAR   ABDUL SATTAR F M.Phil Botany 75.22 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
46 100983836   HINA ZAHID   ZAHID ABBAS F M.Phil Botany 75.11 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
47 100982060   KAINAT ZAHRA   SHAUKAT ALI HASHMI F M.Phil Botany 75.06 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
48 100981708   NADIA YASMEEN   NIGAH MUHAMMAD AWAN F M.Phil Botany 75.04 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
49 100977662   SEHRISH SHABIR   SHABIR AHMAD F M.Phil Botany 75.01 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
50 100974729   RIMSHA MUNAWAR   MUNAWAR KHAN F M.Phil Botany 75.00 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
51 100973039   AYESHA JAMEEL   MUHAMMAD JAMEEL F M.Phil Botany 75.00 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
52 100975452   AYESHA HABIB   HABIB AHMAD F M.Phil Botany 74.96 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
53 100995008   TOOBA KHAN   MUHAMMAD ASLAM F M.Phil Botany 74.76 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
54 100975410   SHAZIA PARVEEN   MUHAMMAD ZAMAN F M.Phil Botany 74.66 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
55 100983415   HEER BALOCH   MUHAMMAD SADIQ DRESHAK F M.Phil Botany 74.52 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
56 100980605   RABIA TAHIR   TAHIR IQBAL F M.Phil Botany 74.31 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
57 100998863   MUHAMMAD MAZHAR IQBAL   ZAFAR IQBAL M M.Phil Botany 74.23 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
58 100969440   ARSLAN HAMZA   AMEER HAMZA M M.Phil Botany 74.14 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
59 100998429   HINA   AHMAD DIN F M.Phil Botany 73.88 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
60 100974789   UMME RUBAB   MUHAMMAD NAWAZ F M.Phil Botany 73.81 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
61 100984069   MUHAMMAD ADNAN   MUHAMMAD HANEEF M M.Phil Botany 73.75 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
62 100977446   AROOJ YASEEN   MUHAMMAD YASMEEN F M.Phil Botany 73.69 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
63 100980126   MUHAMMAD ZULQARNAIN HAIDAR   MUHAMMAD ZAFAR IQBAL M M.Phil Botany 73.27 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
64 100969247   ANIQA NAEEM   MUHAMMAD NAEEM ASLAM F M.Phil Botany 73.10 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
65 100976026   RIDA RASHID   MUHAMMAD SALAH UD DIN F M.Phil Botany 73.03 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
66 100981964   RUSHDA REHMAN   ABDUL HAFEEZ F M.Phil Botany 72.79 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
67 100974623   SADIA   HIDAYAT ALI F M.Phil Botany 72.76 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
68 100977273   ZUNAIRA ANWER   MUHAMMAD SAEED ANWER F M.Phil Botany 72.69 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
69 100973060   MALEEHA AKRAM   CH MUHAMMAD AKRAM F M.Phil Botany 72.45 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
70 100983478   RIDA SHOUKAT   SHOUKAT ALI F M.Phil Botany 72.40 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
71 100984309   MUHAMMAD TANVEER AHMED   MANZOOR HUSSAIN M M.Phil Botany 72.17 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
72 100984567   MUQADDAS ZAHID   ZAHID ABBAS F M.Phil Botany 72.13 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
73 100979697   AMARA ZAFAR   ZAFAR ABBAS F M.Phil Botany 72.10 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
74 100976934   FARAH NAZ   ANSAR ALI F M.Phil Botany 72.10 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
75 100981378   MUDASSAR NAZIR   NAZIR AHMAD M M.Phil Botany 71.95 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
76 100977694   GHALIA ARSHAD   M.ARSHAD F M.Phil Botany 71.78 3rd  14-OCT-21  14-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
77 100983433   KHADIJA BANO   LAL KHAN F M.Phil Botany 74.59 4th  15-OCT-21  15-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
78 100971128   AMNA JAVED   JAVED IQBAL F M.Phil Botany 70.98 4th  15-OCT-21  15-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
79 100983082   SIDRA ARSHAD   ARSHAD ALI F M.Phil Botany 70.95 4th  15-OCT-21  15-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
80 100973109   TAHIRA AKRAM   MUHAMMAD AKRAM KHAN F M.Phil Botany 70.92 4th  15-OCT-21  15-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
81 100978517   ZAIN-UL-ABIDEEN   MUHAMMAD HANIF M M.Phil Botany 70.81 4th  15-OCT-21  15-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
82 100981313   SANA RASHID   MUHAMMAD RASHID F M.Phil Botany 70.74 4th  15-OCT-21  15-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
83 100980806   RIDA ZAWAR   ZAWAR HUSSAIN F M.Phil Botany 70.56 4th  18-OCT-21  18-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
84 100978746   SEHAR GULL   MUHAMMAD DIN F M.Phil Botany 70.62  28-OCT-21  29-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
Total Eligible Aplicants:   84 Total Seats :   40 Occupied Seats :   33

Vacant Seats :7

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