SEMESTER Fall, 2023-2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101300402   ALISHBA SHEHZADI   MOHAMMAD SALEEM F M.Phil Urdu 84.19 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
2 101302463   SAYED GHULAM MHIUDIN   MUHAMMED SAFDER HUSAEN M M.Phil Urdu 83.62 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
3 101281904   UJALA SHAFAQAT   SHAFAQAT ALI F M.Phil Urdu 83.58 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
4 101277596   TANZEELA KANWAL   ALTAF HUSSAIN F M.Phil Urdu 81.45 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
5 101302926   MAIRA RAZA   MUHAMMAD ASIF F M.Phil Urdu 80.68 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
6 101256698   ASIFA JAMAL   MALIK JAMAL UD DIN F M.Phil Urdu 80.60 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
7 101251237   MUHAMMAD AWAIS   IMDAD HUSSAIN M M.Phil Urdu 80.58 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
8 101279618   MUHAMMAD ALEEM   GHULAM BARI M M.Phil Urdu 80.49 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
9 101261243   SABA YASEEN   MUHAMMAD YASEEN F M.Phil Urdu 80.31 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
10 101255441   SYEDA DUR E FATIMA BATOOL   MUKHTAR HUSSAIN F M.Phil Urdu 80.01 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
11 101272456   MUHAMMAD RASHID   ABDUL QADIR M M.Phil Urdu 79.70 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
12 101276777   FRAZ ABID FRAZ   JOHNSON MASIH M M.Phil Urdu 79.06 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
13 101303334   MUHAMMAD AWAIS   MUHAMMAD IQBAL M M.Phil Urdu 78.51 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
14 101285981   MUHAMMAD SAQLAIN   MUHAMMAD RIZA M M.Phil Urdu 78.37 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
15 101277943   AMNA TANVEER   MUHAMMAD TANVEER F M.Phil Urdu 78.37 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
16 101298475   TASLEEM ZAHRA   SHAHID IQBAL F M.Phil Urdu 78.00 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
17 101283106   MASOOMA HASSAN   SYED ALI HASSAN F M.Phil Urdu 78.00 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
18 101251380   MUHAMMAD ASIF MURTAZA   GHULAM MURTAZA M M.Phil Urdu 77.78 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
19 101293991   NAWAL ROUF   ABDUL ROUF F M.Phil Urdu 77.26 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
20 101270720   MUHAMMAD SHOAIB ASLAM   MUHAMMAD ASLAM M M.Phil Urdu 77.13 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
21 101281386   MUHAMMAD AZHAR   MUHAMMAD MAZHAR ABBAS M M.Phil Urdu 77.06 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
22 101266284   ZAIN ABBAS   GHULAM MUHAMMAD M M.Phil Urdu 76.95 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
23 101301128   MAHAM IFTIKHAR   IFTIKHAR AHMAD F M.Phil Urdu 76.86 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
24 101283940   MISHA RUBAB   BASHARAT ALI F M.Phil Urdu 76.82 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
25 101275642   TANZEELA HUSSAIN   MEHAR MULAZIM HUSSAIN F M.Phil Urdu 76.57 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
26 101278330   BUSHRA SHAHZADI   ZULAFQAR F M.Phil Urdu 76.25 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
27 101248608   MUHAMMAD ZOHAIB   ABDUL GHAFFAR AHSAN M M.Phil Urdu 76.25 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
28 101298353   AQSA NOOR   MUHAMMAD ASIF IQBAL F M.Phil Urdu 74.65 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
29 101277922   MUHAMMAD USMAN   MUHAMMAD ARIF M M.Phil Urdu 74.34 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
30 101276665   ZAFAR HUSSAIN   ALTAF HUSSAIN M M.Phil Urdu 74.18 1st  06-SEP-23  11-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
31 101303287   ROUH ULLAH   MOLAVI NADAR KHAN M M.Phil Urdu 81.48 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
32 101272654   TASKEEN ZAHRA   KAZIM ALI F M.Phil Urdu 74.18 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
33 101251330   MUHAMMAD YOUNIS   MUHAMMAD YOUSAF M M.Phil Urdu 74.17 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
34 101287752   ALLAH DITTAH   DARIAFAT ALI M M.Phil Urdu 72.97 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
35 101279834   AAMIR HUSSAIN   MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQ M M.Phil Urdu 72.09 2nd  12-SEP-23  14-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
Total Eligible Aplicants:   35 Total Seats :   30 Occupied Seats :   30

Vacant Seats :0

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Quota Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status