Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher
from 01-NOV-21   to   01-NOV-21 at 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 100983491   SANA TARIQ   TARIQ ALI F LLM 81.84 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
2 100978953   MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH BIN UMER   UMER ABDUL HAYEE M LLM 80.14 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
3 100974329   USAMA NASEER   NASEER AHMAD M LLM 78.54 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
4 100977298   SHEHROSE SHAHEEN RANJHA   MUHAMMAD YAR SHAHEEN M LLM 78.41 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
5 100973504   IQRA   MUHAMMAD ISHFAQ F LLM 77.84 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
6 100974394   ASIM ZAFAR   ZAFAR IQBAL M LLM 77.14 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
7 100984238   MUHAMMAD FARHAN SHAHZAD   MUHAMMAD RAMZAN M LLM 76.76 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
8 100979776   ATIQA SALEEM   MUHAMMAD SALEEM F LLM 75.92 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
9 100981746   ABDUL SALAM   MUHAMMAD IQBAL M LLM 75.89 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
10 100971843   SYED IBN E ALI ZULQARNAIN   SAQIB HUSSAIN NAQVI M LLM 75.87 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
11 100975933   MUNIR ABBAS KHAN   ZULFIQAR ALI KHAN M LLM 73.66 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
12 100977240   BILAL HASAN   MUHAMMAD SULEIMAN M LLM 73.49 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
13 100978374   HIRA AJMAL   AJMAL ALI F LLM 73.43 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
14 100968142   MUHAMMAD SAQLAIN SHAHBAZ   SHAHBAZ KHAN M LLM 72.78 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
15 100998705   FARHAN-UL-HASSAN   FAYYAZ HUSSAIN M LLM 71.66 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
16 100986840   SHOAIB MAZHAR   MAZHAR ABBAS M LLM 71.64 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
17 100983443   MUGHEES UR REHMAN   ABDUL GHAFFAR M LLM 69.90 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
18 100977000   HASNAIN SIRAJ   SIRAJ UL HAQ M LLM 69.66 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
19 100968784   MUHAMMAD AHMED   AFTAB IHSAN UL HAQ M LLM 69.66 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
20 100980463   AHSAN USMAN   MUHAMMAD TARIQ M LLM 69.27 1st  07-OCT-21  11-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
21 100977092   ABDUL QADEER KHAN   MUHAMMAD JAMIL KHAN M LLM 69.21 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
22 100985061   MUHAMMAD IJAZ   ABDUR RAHMAN M LLM 68.68 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
23 100983670   MUHAMMAD ATIQ UR REHMAN   ABDUL HAMEED M LLM 68.46 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Correction Required
24 100982197   ABBAS YOUSAF   HABAL BHATTI M LLM 67.56 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
25 100981642   TAYYABA MUSTAFA   GHULAM MUSTAFA F LLM 67.52 2nd  12-OCT-21  13-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
26 100981303   ABDUL RAFAY   ABDUL MALIK M LLM 63.98 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
27 100978920   BILAL SALEEM   MUHAMMAD SALEEM M LLM 63.53 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
28 100969506   SAQIB LATIF KHAN   ABDUL LATIF KHAN M LLM 62.13 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
29 100985439   MUHAMMAD HUSNAIN ALI ILYAS   MUHAMMAD ILYAS M LLM 62.03 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
30 100983706   ZARTASHIA   MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH F LLM 60.98 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
31 100985844   ANSAR ABBAS   KHUSHI MUHAMMAD M LLM 60.65 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
32 100983670   MUHAMMAD ATIQ UR REHMAN   ABDUL HAMEED M LLM 59.01 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
33 100982944   ARFAN ULLAH   FALAK SHER M LLM 58.58 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
34 100974506   SONIA AFTAB   AFTAB AHMAD F LLM 57.38 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Fee Paid
35 100993224   MUNEEB MUNEER   MUNEER AHMED M LLM 56.42 3rd  18-OCT-21  20-OCT-21  Morning Time Expired
36 100986703   MUHAMMAD ASHFAQ   MUHAMMAD ASLAM M LLM 53.26 4th  01-NOV-21  01-NOV-21  Morning Time Expired
37 100978114   MUHAMMAD ZOHAIB KHALIL   KHALIL AHMAD M LLM 51.55 4th  01-NOV-21  01-NOV-21  Morning Fee Paid
38 100978980   MUHAMMAD ZAIN   MAQSOOD AHMAD M LLM 50.75 4th  01-NOV-21  01-NOV-21  Morning Time Expired
Total Eligible Aplicants:   38 Total Seats :   30 Occupied Seats :   27

Vacant Seats :3

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Quota Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status