SEMESTER Fall, 2023-2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101257821   MUHAMMAD AHMED   MUHAMMAD SAEED M BS-5th Commerce 99.50 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
2 101270028   SAAD UR REHMAN   RANA MUJEEB UR REHMAN M BS-5th Commerce 91.33 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
3 101287786   HAYAN AHMED   MUHAMMAD AHMAD M BS-5th Commerce 91.20 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
4 101255228   MUHAMMAD BILAL AHMAD   SHAHBAZ KHAN M BS-5th Commerce 89.20 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
5 101264449   RAMEESHA NAEEM   MUHAMMAD NAEEM F BS-5th Commerce 87.95 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
6 101301326   MUGHIRA SHAHID   MUHAMMAD IBRAHEEM F BS-5th Commerce 84.77 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
7 101255189   MARIAM ASGHAR   ASGHAR ALI F BS-5th Commerce 81.80 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
8 101300141   HAMNA KOUSAR   ZULFIQAR ALI F BS-5th Commerce 80.00 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
9 101264657   RIDA NAWAZ   NAWAZ AHMAD F BS-5th Commerce 79.04 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
10 101274827   EHSAN ASHFAQ   MUHAMMAD ASHFAQ M BS-5th Commerce 78.81 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
11 101266046   NISHA FATIMA   RIZWAN IQBAL F BS-5th Commerce 78.78 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
12 101300172   AYESHA MUNEER   MUNEER HUSSAIN F BS-5th Commerce 75.45 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
13 101298138   MINAHIL IMRAN   MUHAMMAD IMRAN F BS-5th Commerce 74.73 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
14 101289705   HAFIZ ANAS ASLAM   MUHAMMAD ASLAM JAVID M BS-5th Commerce 74.60 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
15 101273149   NISHA ZAHID   ZAHID IQBAL F BS-5th Commerce 74.14 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
16 101282187   SYED MESUM HASSAN NAQVI   SYED HASSAN MUJTABA NAQVI M BS-5th Commerce 73.67 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
17 101289221   MUHAMMAD NOMAN   ANWAR SAEED M BS-5th Commerce 73.50 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
18 101282903   MUHAMMAD UMER   MUHAMMAD ASIF M BS-5th Commerce 73.45 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
19 101301157   ABDULLAH SIDDIQUE   MUHAMMAD SIDDIQUE M BS-5th Commerce 73.00 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
20 101277327   NABEEHA   MUHAMMAD SHAFIQUE F BS-5th Commerce 72.18 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
21 101297836   LAIBA   NASIR SAEED F BS-5th Commerce 71.57 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
22 101298192   REHMAN YAR   MUHAMMAD JAHANGIR M BS-5th Commerce 70.66 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
23 101278766   MUHAMMAD UZAIR   MUHAMMAD ASLAM M BS-5th Commerce 70.16 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
24 101288982   BEENISH   AKRAM F BS-5th Commerce 70.00 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
25 101269597   NABEEHA MUNAWAR   ABDUL RAZZAQ F BS-5th Commerce 69.71 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
26 101285344   MUHAMMAD ADEEL ASLAM   SAJJAD ASLAM M BS-5th Commerce 69.45 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
27 101273173   HAFIZ MUHAMMAD ZUMAR SAFDAR   MUHAMMAD SAFDAR M BS-5th Commerce 69.45 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
28 101261138   MUHAMMAD HAMMAD ARSHAD   ARSHAD ALI ASGHAR M BS-5th Commerce 69.41 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
29 101257451   MUHAMMAD HAMZA   MUHAMMAD RIAZ M BS-5th Commerce 69.40 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
30 101283077   SHOAIB SIKANDAR   SIKANDAR HAYAT M BS-5th Commerce 68.82 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
31 101272436   UME AYEMAN   MUHAMMAD ASHIQ F BS-5th Commerce 68.24 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
32 101276251   CHUDHARY ABDULLAH BHANGOO   MAQSOOD AHMED M BS-5th Commerce 67.65 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
33 101252463   JAVERIA ABID   ABID HUSSAIN F BS-5th Commerce 67.46 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
34 101278406   EMAAN UL HAQ   TANVEER UL HAQ M BS-5th Commerce 66.87 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
35 101257756   SHAFAQ   SANA ULLAH KHAN F BS-5th Commerce 66.82 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
36 101285571   ASFAR RIAZ   RIAZ AHMAD SHAHID M BS-5th Commerce 66.67 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
37 101252871   MUHAMMAD AHSAN JAVAID   JAVAID IQBAL M BS-5th Commerce 66.16 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
38 101301511   ALI RAZA   MUHAMMAD RASHEED M BS-5th Commerce 65.72 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
39 101301364   MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR   MUHAMMAD ASLAM M BS-5th Commerce 65.72 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
40 101269174   AHSAN ALI   MUZAMMIL YASEEN M BS-5th Commerce 65.66 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
41 101288652   NAZUL FALAK   NAVEED SARWAR M BS-5th Commerce 71.63 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
42 101273173   HAFIZ MUHAMMAD ZUMAR SAFDAR   MUHAMMAD SAFDAR M BS-5th Commerce 69.45 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
43 101251304   ALEENA JAMEEL   MUHAMMAD JAMEEL F BS-5th Commerce 65.54 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
44 101270138   AREESHA IFTIKHAR   MIAN IFTIKHAR ALI F BS-5th Commerce 65.01 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
45 101264019   ARISHA KOMAL   MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ F BS-5th Commerce 64.18 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
46 101268360   ZAIN UL ABIDEEIN BAIG   NAWAB BAIG M BS-5th Commerce 63.74 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
47 101265311   SALMAN ALI KHAN   MUSHTAQ AHMAD M BS-5th Commerce 63.47 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
48 101278057   AHMAD MEHMOOD   MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQ M BS-5th Commerce 63.29 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
49 101276636   FARWA BANO   GHULAM NABI F BS-5th Commerce 62.91 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
50 101258539   MUHAMMAD ISRAR FARYAD   FARYAD ALI M BS-5th Commerce 62.42 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
51 101257618   KINZA ARIF   MUHAMMAD ARIF F BS-5th Commerce 62.40 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
52 101246868   SIJEEL ADREES   MUHAMMAD ADREES M BS-5th Commerce 62.31 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
53 101277222   NOOR HIRA   MIRZA MUHAMMAD SHAKEEL F BS-5th Commerce 61.47 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
54 101298379   AHSAN FAROOQ   FAROOQ IFTIKHAR M BS-5th Commerce 60.76 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
55 101263176   MUHAMMAD HUSNAIN JAVED   JAVED IQBAL M BS-5th Commerce 60.49 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
56 101287102   ZAIN ASIF   ASIF JAHANGIR M BS-5th Commerce 60.00 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
57 101257828   KANEEZ FATIMA   SHAKEEL AHMAD F BS-5th Commerce 59.62 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
58 101298517   TAHIR MEHMOOD KHAN   RANA FAQEER MUHAMMAD KHAN M BS-5th Commerce 59.44 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
59 101257765   GHULSHAN NOOR   MUHAMMAD ANWAR F BS-5th Commerce 58.84 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
60 101257015   MUHAMMAD ISHTIAQ BASHIR   BASHIR AHMED M BS-5th Commerce 57.34 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
61 101260314   ALIZA   MUHAMMAD AYUB F BS-5th Commerce 56.84 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
62 101291240   KINZA NAZ   MEHNDI KHAN F BS-5th Commerce 56.56 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
63 101282159   NOOR FATIMA   MALIK MAQBOOL AHMED F BS-5th Commerce 56.34 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
64 101260570   AMANULLAH KHAN   NASIR M BS-5th Commerce 56.28 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
65 101252540   ASMA IFTIKHAR AHMAD   IFTIKHAR AHMAD F BS-5th Commerce 55.48 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
66 101255619   SANA   EHSAN ELAHI F BS-5th Commerce 55.30 2nd  28-AUG-23  29-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
67 101273889   MOMAL ASIF   MUHAMMAD ASIF F BS-5th Commerce 69.63 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
68 101298517   TAHIR MEHMOOD KHAN   RANA FAQEER MUHAMMAD KHAN M BS-5th Commerce 66.41 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
69 101298379   AHSAN FAROOQ   FAROOQ IFTIKHAR M BS-5th Commerce 66.18 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
70 101256113   ALEEHA HAFEEZ   RAO ABDUL HAFEEZ F BS-5th Commerce 55.00 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
71 101265319   RAEES RASOOL   GHULAM RASOOL M BS-5th Commerce 54.88 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
72 101269314   MUHAMMAD NOMAN   MAZHAR HUSSAIN M BS-5th Commerce 53.66 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
73 101300919   SHAHZAD KHAN   SHAUKAT KHAN M BS-5th Commerce 53.62 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
74 101270953   MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH   RAFAQAT HUSSAIN M BS-5th Commerce 53.36 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
75 101257688   MAHNOOR   SARDAR MUHAMMAD F BS-5th Commerce 52.54 3rd  30-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
Total Eligible Aplicants:   75 Total Seats :   40 Occupied Seats :   40

Vacant Seats :0

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
GCUF | Merit Lists
Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Quota Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101271051   MUBASHIR IFTIKHAR   IFTIKHAR ALI M BS-5th Commerce Children of Non-Teaching Staff (GCUF ONLY) 02-OCT-2306-OCT-23 Morning Fee Paid