SEMESTER Fall, 2023-2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101284878   MUHAMMAD HASHIM   MUHAMMAD ALI TAHIR M BS History 76.85 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
2 101295628   ABDULLAH BIN KHALID   CHAUDHARY KHALID NAEEM M BS History 76.36 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
3 101266233   FAISAL ZIA KHAN   KHALIL AHMAD KHAN M BS History 75.53 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
4 101287961   KHAWAR ABBAS   UMAR DARAZ M BS History 75.24 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
5 101270540   MUHAMMAD UMAIR QAMAR   QAMAR UD DEEN M BS History 74.38 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
6 101300280   BILAL HASSAN   SHER ALI M BS History 72.85 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
7 101247691   SYED WAJID HUSSAIN SHAH   GULZAR HUSSAIN SHAH M BS History 72.55 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
8 101269567   UMAIR HASSAN   MUHAMMAD ASLAM M BS History 71.50 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
9 101266293   ALI HASSAN   AHMAD ALI M BS History 70.71 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
10 101274650   MUHAMMAD TAHIR   MUHAMMAD ALI M BS History 69.95 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
11 101300770   RABIA BASRI   MUHAMMAD NAWAZ F BS History 68.07 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
12 101253475   SYED MUHAMMAD MUSTAJAB HAIDER   SYED MOHSIN RAZA M BS History 67.84 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
13 101277662   AITIZAZ AHSAN   AZHAR ABBAS M BS History 67.73 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
14 101292561   MUHAMMAD MUAZ   MUHAMMAD ASHRAF JAVAID M BS History 66.87 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
15 101308645   ZARMASHAL FATIMA   ATTA ELAHI F BS History 66.84 1st  09-OCT-23  09-OCT-23  Morning Time Expired
16 101252143   SARMAD ASLAM   MUHAMMAD ASLAM M BS History 65.73 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
17 101278682   MUHAMMAD ASHRAF   ASGHAR M BS History 64.59 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
18 101287731   QAMAR UL DIN   MUHAMMAD YOUSAF M BS History 63.76 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
19 101277125   ALI USMAN   AKHTAR ALI M BS History 63.54 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
20 101297637   NADEEM AKRAM   MUHAMMAD AKRAM M BS History 63.19 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
21 101274018   SAIRA AZAM   MUHAMMAD AZAM F BS History 63.18 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
22 101269496   SAHAR ARSHAD   ARSHAD ALI GONDAL F BS History 61.79 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
23 101264067   AHMED RIAZ   AMIR RIAZ M BS History 61.63 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
24 101278856   MUBSAHRA NOREEN   SHAKEEL F BS History 61.06 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
25 101257044   MUHAMMAD RIZWAN   MUHAMMAD NASIR JAVED M BS History 60.20 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
26 101300086   FAHAD RAZA   GHULAM MURTAZA M BS History 60.18 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
27 101245685   MUHAMMAD UMAIS AHMAD   MUZAMMIL HUSSAIN M BS History 60.12 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
28 101280400   FAIZA ADREES   MUHAMMAD ADREES F BS History 59.30 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
29 101256454   ZIKRA NAIK   NAIK MUHAMMAD F BS History 58.87 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
30 101282292   HUSSNAIN HAIDER   SHER ALI M BS History 58.19 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
31 101275146   ASIF SHAHZAD   ASHIQ HUSSAION M BS History 57.95 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
32 101245749   AMIR SHAHZAD   GHULAM MUSTAFA M BS History 57.75 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
33 101288970   JUNAID ALI   IFTIKHAR M BS History 57.72 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
34 101245349   SAADAT HUSSAIN   MUHAMMAD HUSSAIN AZAD M BS History 57.39 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
35 101281124   WAJEHA ABBAS   GHULAM ABBAS F BS History 56.85 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
36 101262495   BILAL HASSAN   GHULAM SHABBIR M BS History 56.02 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
37 101246121   ROHAAN AHMAD   MUHAMMAD AHMAD M BS History 55.73 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
38 101271831   RAEES KHAN   MIRZA ALI M BS History 55.62 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Fee Paid
39 101260105   MUHAMMAD UMAR NADEEM   NADEEM SAJID M BS History 54.90 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
40 101276192   MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR TABASSUM   MUHAMMAD IRSHAD M BS History 53.02 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
41 101298001   ALI NOMAN   RIAZ AHMAD M BS History 52.19 1st  21-AUG-23  25-AUG-23  Morning Time Expired
42 101266100   MUHAMMAD ZEESHAN HAIDER   MUMTAZ HUSSAIN M BS History 51.92 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
43 101245465   IKRAM HASSAN   FEROZ KHAN M BS History 50.82 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
44 101264698   AHSAN RAZA   ZULFIQAR ALI KHAN M BS History 50.80 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
45 101261742   MUHAMMAD ADNAN SAMMI   AURANG ZAIB M BS History 50.62 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
46 101301602   MUHAMMAD ANAS HAMMAD   MUHAMMAD AKHTAR IQBAL M BS History 50.33 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
47 101273735   MAZHAR QAYYUM   ATTA MUHAMMAD M BS History 50.24 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
48 101257139   ALI SHAHZAD   AZAM KHAN M BS History 50.18 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
49 101301018   NUMAN ZAFAR   MUHAMMAD ZAFAR ULLAH KHAN M BS History 49.23 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
50 101288489   TALAT HUSSAIN   ANWAR ALI M BS History 48.79 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
51 101300579   ALI HUSSAIN   AKBAR ALI M BS History 48.55 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
52 101275191   MUHAMMAD NAVEED   MEHAR GHULAM MUHAMMAD M BS History 46.79 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
53 101277131   HUNAIN ALI   RAFAQAT ALI M BS History 46.67 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
54 101288863   MOAZZAM ABBAS   ASMAT ULLAH M BS History 45.93 2nd  28-AUG-23  01-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
55 101298001   ALI NOMAN   RIAZ AHMAD M BS History 52.19 3rd  04-SEP-23  06-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
56 101266100   MUHAMMAD ZEESHAN HAIDER   MUMTAZ HUSSAIN M BS History 51.92 3rd  18-SEP-23  20-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
57 101307255   MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQ   MUHAMMAD SULTAN M BS History 66.77 4th  25-SEP-23  27-SEP-23  Morning Time Expired
58 101307013   AMINA BIBI   MUHAMMAD AZAM F BS History 51.36 4th  21-SEP-23  22-SEP-23  Morning Fee Paid
59 101308573   SAKINA ALI   SHAHID MUNIR F BS History 57.03  06-OCT-23  06-OCT-23  Morning Fee Paid
60 101294240   MUHAMMAD HAMMAD AHMAD   NASRULLAH KHAN M BS History 46.22 02-OCT-2303-OCT-23 Morning Fee Paid
61 101309623   MUHAMMAD AMMAR NADEEM   MUHAMMAD NADEEM AHMAD M BS History 45.98  03-NOV-23  03-NOV-23  Morning Fee Paid
Total Eligible Aplicants:   61 Total Seats :   40 Occupied Seats :   16

Vacant Seats :24

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Quota Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status