SEMESTER Spring, 2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101313157   EMAN FATIMA   SHAHZAD HABIB F BS Sociology 87.07 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
2 101313956   ALI HAIDER   MUHAMMAD ALI M BS Sociology 80.48 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
3 101315915   KASHIF NAWAZ HARAL   MUHAMMAD NAWAZ HARAL M BS Sociology 79.85 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
4 101318840   ABID ALI   FAIZ AHMAD M BS Sociology 77.93 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
5 101314786   AREEBA ARIF   MUHAMMAD ARIF F BS Sociology 76.71 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
6 101312825   SADIA NAZER   NAZER ALI F BS Sociology 74.99 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
7 101321782   ALI SHER   SHER MUHAMMAD M BS Sociology 74.00 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
8 101322564   HASHMAT ABBAS KHAN   AKHTAR HUSSAIN KHAN M BS Sociology 72.43 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
9 101313738   WASHMA WARIS   WARIS ALI F BS Sociology 71.49 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
10 101316874   URWA NAZIR   NAZIR AHMAD F BS Sociology 71.10 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
11 101317020   ALI MURTAZA   GHULAM MURTAZA M BS Sociology 70.56 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
12 101318018   SADAM HUSSAIN   ZULFIQAR ALI M BS Sociology 68.82 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
13 101312189   ZAHRA AZAM   MUHAMMAD AZAM F BS Sociology 67.59 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
14 101322513   DUA MEHMOOD   MEHMOOD AKHTER F BS Sociology 66.64 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
15 101322582   TAIMOOR HASSAN   TASAWAR HAYAT M BS Sociology 66.63 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
16 101318613   ALI SHAHZAD   AZAM KHAN M BS Sociology 66.20 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
17 101311508   MUHAMMAD OHAD   MUHAMMAD ISLAM M BS Sociology 66.07 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
18 101321620   NASIR ALI   BHAI KHAN M BS Sociology 65.59 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
19 101314526   IBRAR HUSSAIN   MUNIR AHMED M BS Sociology 65.14 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
20 101317256   SAMMAR RIAZ   RIAZ AHMAD SHAKIR M BS Sociology 64.83 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
21 101319410   HASNAIN   ASHIQ HUSSAIN M BS Sociology 64.67 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
22 101311035   MUHAMMAD TAQI   NASEEM TAQI NASEEM M BS Sociology 64.65 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
23 101316071   MUHAMMAD TAYYAB   MEHMOOD UL HASSAN M BS Sociology 64.28 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
24 101310694   ALI HAMZA   MUHAMMAD AFZAL M BS Sociology 62.63 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
25 101320412   BABAR ALI   ALLAH YAR M BS Sociology 62.52 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
26 101311595   RABAIL REHMAN   ATTIQ UR REHMAN M BS Sociology 62.48 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
27 101322061   MOOSA RAZA SHAH   ALI RAZA SHAH M BS Sociology 62.43 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
28 101314311   EMAN MUZAFFAR   MUZAFFAR MUSHTAQ F BS Sociology 62.18 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
29 101316780   GULNAZ IRSHAD   MUHAMMAD IRSHAD F BS Sociology 61.44 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
30 101310843   ADEEL ASGAHR   MUHAMMAD ASGHAR M BS Sociology 60.80 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
31 101322807   HASSAN ABBAS   MULAZIM HUSSAIN M BS Sociology 60.52 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
32 101313172   ZUMRA RAMZAN   MUHAMMAD RAMZAN F BS Sociology 59.72 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
33 101312586   ZOHAIB MUSTAFA   MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA M BS Sociology 59.27 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
34 101320878   HASNAIN ALI   ABDUL RAHEEM M BS Sociology 59.07 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
35 101311407   NAZIM ABBAS   MALAK KHAN M BS Sociology 58.95 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
36 101311947   GULAB HAIDER   MUHAMMAD IJAZ M BS Sociology 58.93 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
37 101316001   MUHAMMAD FARHAN   DILSHAD AHMAD M BS Sociology 58.63 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
38 101313543   SHAH HUSSAIN   KHURRAM ABBAS M BS Sociology 58.63 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
39 101315740   MUHAMMAD AZAM RAZA   MUHAMMAD RAFIQE M BS Sociology 58.04 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
40 101320275   HAMNA MAQBOOL   MAQBOOL HUSSAIN F BS Sociology 57.04 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
41 101317963   ZIYAB ALI   SARFARAZ AHMED M BS Sociology 57.02 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
42 101318451   UMAR FAROOQ   RIAZ AHMAD M BS Sociology 56.94 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
43 101311457   ZAHRA TAHIR   MUHAMMAD TAHIR F BS Sociology 56.93 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
44 101313789   SHAH ZAIB ZAFAR   ZAFAR IQBAL M BS Sociology 56.74 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
45 101314853   NOOR UL HODA YASEEN   MUHAMMAD YASEEN F BS Sociology 56.69 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
46 101318105   MAHA NOOR   MUHAMMAD MUKHTAR F BS Sociology 56.08 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
47 101315656   MUHAMMAD HAMOODRAZA   MUHAMMAD RAFIQUE M BS Sociology 55.91 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
48 101312950   ABDUL HANAN   MUHAMMAD AFZAL KHAN M BS Sociology 55.77 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
49 101314047   HUSSAIN ABBAS   MULAZIM HUSSAIN M BS Sociology 55.76 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
50 101315546   MUHAMMAD FAROOQ   ALLAH DITTA M BS Sociology 55.74 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
51 101311328   MUHAMMAD ALTAMASH ZAHID   ZAHID MAHMOOD M BS Sociology 55.56 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
52 101321137   MUHAMMAD ZAIN ALVI   JAVAID IQBAL ALVI M BS Sociology 55.46 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
53 101318298   NUMAN AKBAR   AKBAR ALI M BS Sociology 55.44 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
54 101314281   FATIQAH JABBAR   ABDUL JABBAR F BS Sociology 55.35 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
55 101314199   MUHAMMAD HUSSNAIN   ABAID UR REHMAN M BS Sociology 54.86 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
56 101313265   DANISH ALI   MUHAMMAD ALI M BS Sociology 54.39 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
57 101322121   RAEES KHAN   MIRZA ALI M BS Sociology 54.31 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
58 101311980   MUHAMMAD HAMZA AMIN   MUHAMMAD AMIN M BS Sociology 54.04 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
59 101315927   MUHAMMAD ASIF   MUHAMMAD NAWAZ M BS Sociology 53.74 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
60 101321757   NOOR SULTAN   KHIZAR HAYAT M BS Sociology 53.70 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
61 101318368   SHAHERYAR DILSHAD   MUHAMAD DILSHAD ALI M BS Sociology 53.43 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
62 101322814   ARSHIYA KHAN   TAHIR QADEER KHAN M BS Sociology 53.33 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
63 101319807   BISMA BINTE AZHAR   AZHAR IMRAN F BS Sociology 52.80 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
64 101318531   MUHAMMAD AHMAD IJAZ   IJAZ AHMAD BAJWA M BS Sociology 52.77 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
65 101313610   CHAMMAN ABBAS   BASHIR AHMAD M BS Sociology 52.28 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
66 101312700   AREEBA SAEED   MUHAMMAD SAEED F BS Sociology 52.17 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
67 101312572   PATHANI BIBI   SAMAND F BS Sociology 51.48 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
68 101316002   RANA SOBAN RAFI   MUHAMMAD RAFI KHAN M BS Sociology 51.45 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
69 101321874   AKSA SHONEEM   NASIR MASIH GILL F BS Sociology 51.07 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
70 101319164   TOOBA NOOR   SAMI UL HAQ M BS Sociology 50.96 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
71 101313044   SARMAD MOEEZ   MUHAMMAD RAMZAN M BS Sociology 50.86 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
72 101311186   HASEEB WARIS   MUHAMMAD WARIS M BS Sociology 50.69 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
73 101311888   TAYBA SHAREEF   MUHAMMAD SHAREEF SABIR F BS Sociology 50.52 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
74 101314059   MUHAMMAD QAIS   MAHMOOD AHMAD M BS Sociology 50.45 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
75 101316319   MEHNAB SHAHBAZ   SHAHBAZ ALI F BS Sociology 50.40 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
76 101318221   ATTIQUA KHALID   KHALID MAHMOOD F BS Sociology 50.12 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
77 101321019   SHEHZARIYA   TANVIR F BS Sociology 48.86 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
78 101320439   UMAIR ALI BHATTI   MUHAMMAD ABID BHATTI M BS Sociology 69.73 3rd 08-JAN-2421-FEB-24 Replica Awarded
79 101323982   HAMZA SHABIR   SHABIR HUSSAIN M BS Sociology 65.43 3rd 24-JAN-2425-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
80 101320865   NIDA SEHAR   MUNIR AHMED F BS Sociology 48.72 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
81 101315556   MUHAMMAD WASEEM SHAHID   SHAHID MEHMOOD M BS Sociology 48.44 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
82 101324122   AREEHA   MUHAMMAD TARIQ F BS Sociology 48.38 3rd 29-JAN-2429-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
83 101321671   AMAN ULLAH   WALAYAT KHAN M BS Sociology 48.34 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
84 101321940   MUHAMMAD AHSAN   MAQSOOD UL HASSAN M BS Sociology 48.32 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
85 101316298   ALI HASSAN   SIKANDAR HAYAT M BS Sociology 48.18 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
86 101315997   ZOHAIB RAZA   MIAN MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQ M BS Sociology 47.99 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
87 101311753   NAYYAB AKHTAR   ALI AKHTAR NASIR F BS Sociology 47.94 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
88 101311737   JAHANZAIB   AMANAT ALI M BS Sociology 47.46 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
89 101314687   INZAMAM UL HAQ   AMEER ALI M BS Sociology 47.29 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
90 101311371   MUHAMMAD AHAD   MUHAMMAD TANVEER M BS Sociology 46.88 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
91 101320423   ABDULLAH ARSHAD   MASOOD-UR_REHMAN M BS Sociology 46.75 3rd 22-JAN-2425-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
92 101317511   ZAINAB   MUHAMMAD ILYAS F BS Sociology 46.41 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
93 101319932   ALI RAZA   SAFDAR HUSSAIN M BS Sociology 46.22 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
94 101321080   MUHAMMAD IMRAN ALI   ASGHAR ALI M BS Sociology 45.65 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
95 101316829   SAJJAD HUSSAIN   RAY GULZAR HUSSAIN M BS Sociology 45.00 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
96 101314755   SAAD NASEER   NASEER AHMED M BS Sociology 52.34 4th 14-FEB-2415-FEB-24 Replica Awarded
97 101315573   AMNA RAMZAN   M RAMZAN F BS Sociology 48.98 4th 15-JAN-2413-FEB-24 Replica Awarded
Total Eligible Aplicants:   97 Total Seats :   40 Occupied Seats :   36

Vacant Seats :4

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Quota Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status