SEMESTER Spring, 2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101316859   ESHA AKRAM   MUHAMMAD AKRAM F BS Zoology 92.72 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
2 101313820   SARAH KHALID   KHALID REHMAN F BS Zoology 91.21 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
3 101319192   IMAN   ATIQUE AHMAD DOGAR F BS Zoology 87.11 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
4 101314003   AIMEN YASMEEN   ALTAF AHMAD F BS Zoology 86.94 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
5 101312934   MUQADDAS ARIF   ARIF ALI F BS Zoology 86.30 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
6 101313980   ABAIDA KALSOOM   ZULAFQAR ALI ASIM F BS Zoology 84.24 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
7 101314772   SYED ABRAR MEHDI   SYED WAQAR MEHDI M BS Zoology 83.30 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
8 101311642   INSHA BHATTI   KAFAIT ULLAH BHATTI F BS Zoology 81.76 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
9 101317053   SAMIULLAH   HAFIZ GHULAM SARWAR M BS Zoology 80.32 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
10 101322520   ALI ABBAS   MANSAB KHAN M BS Zoology 79.76 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
11 101319955   SNOBAR INYAT BAJWA   ATTAULLAH F BS Zoology 79.37 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
12 101318560   MUHAMMAD ZAIN   MUHAMMAD NAWAZ M BS Zoology 77.41 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
13 101314783   AREEBA ARIF   MUHAMMAD ARIF F BS Zoology 76.71 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
14 101314247   MAHAM   MUHAMMAD RAFIQUE F BS Zoology 74.91 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
15 101314296   KIRAN SHAHZADI   GHULAM MURTAZA F BS Zoology 74.26 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
16 101316785   MUHAMMAD ALI   GHULAM FAREED M BS Zoology 73.68 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
17 101312280   HAFIZA KHADIJA FATIMA   MUHAMMAD ASGHAR F BS Zoology 73.19 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
18 101317617   KHADIJA SHAHZADI   MUHAMMAD NADEEM F BS Zoology 71.41 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
19 101313613   HAFFSA   ANAYAT QADIR F BS Zoology 70.42 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
20 101313946   SABA AHMED   AHMED ALI F BS Zoology 69.43 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
21 101314642   USWA SHAKEEL   MUHAMMAD SHAKEEL HUSSAIN F BS Zoology 68.22 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
22 101312191   ZAHRA AZAM   MUHAMMAD AZAM F BS Zoology 67.59 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
23 101310753   MUHAMMAD ARMAAN IJAZ   NAVID WASEEM HASSAN M BS Zoology 67.43 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
24 101314334   MUHAMMAD HASSAM   ABDUL SATTAR M BS Zoology 67.43 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
25 101317396   SADAF SIKANDAR   SIKANDAR HAYYAT F BS Zoology 67.36 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
26 101319584   MEHWISH   MUHAMMAD ISHAQ F BS Zoology 67.12 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
27 101313383   ZAINAB SULTAN   SARWAR SULTAN F BS Zoology 67.01 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
28 101320395   UMAIR KHAN   KHADIM HUSSAIN KHAN M BS Zoology 66.70 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
29 101322250   DUA MEHMOOD   MEHMOOD AKHTER F BS Zoology 66.64 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
30 101312792   SABIH UR RAHMAN   IHSAN UL HAQ M BS Zoology 66.59 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
31 101313593   KANEEZA ZAFAR   ZAFAR IQBAL F BS Zoology 66.52 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
32 101315640   PALWASHA NAVEED   FARHAN NAVEED F BS Zoology 64.93 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
33 101313525   KINZA MAQBOOL   MAQBOOL AHMAD F BS Zoology 64.46 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
34 101315338   MARYAM RIAZ   RIAZ HUSSAIN 33103-0860952-6 F BS Zoology 64.26 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
35 101319525   ZAINAB NAVEED   NAVEED AHMAD F BS Zoology 63.27 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
36 101318522   KAYNAT IFTKHAR   IFTKHAR HANIF F BS Zoology 63.02 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
37 101312477   KANWAL MEHBOOB   MEHBOOB UR REHMAN F BS Zoology 62.25 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
38 101319533   ALMEERA   NAVEED AHMAD F BS Zoology 61.92 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
39 101312030   TOOBA ARSHAD   MUHAMMAD ARSHAD F BS Zoology 61.23 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
40 101322409   MUHAMMAD ABDUL HANAN ATIQ   MUHAMMAD ATIQUE UR REHMAN M BS Zoology 60.95 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
41 101320864   MAIRA ASIF   ASIF JAVED F BS Zoology 60.79 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
42 101311153   MUHAMMAD SHOAIB MAJEED   ABDUL MAJEED M BS Zoology 60.48 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
43 101321684   MAHNOOR BASHIR   MUHAMMAD BASHIR F BS Zoology 59.42 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
44 101316903   KAYNAT KHALID   CHAUDARY KHALID MASOOD AKHTAR F BS Zoology 58.77 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
45 101312840   FATIMA RIAZ   RIAZ HUSSAIN F BS Zoology 57.10 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
46 101322838   BAREERA ANWAR   MUHAMMAD ANWAR ZAHID F BS Zoology 55.12 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
47 101313338   MUHAMMAD AHMAD   RASHID MUHKTAR M BS Zoology 54.66 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
48 101313693   ADNAN ARSHAD   ARSHAD MEHMOOD M BS Zoology 54.28 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
49 101320884   MUHAMMAD USMAN   ZAFAR IQBAL M BS Zoology 53.62 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
50 101322102   MUHAMMAD HUSNAIN HAIDER   GHULAM ALI CHISHTI M BS Zoology 53.18 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
51 101311338   MUQADDAS FATIMA   GHULAM ABBAS F BS Zoology 52.17 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
52 101316838   MUHAMMAD AHMAD   MANZOOR AHMAD M BS Zoology 50.68 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
53 101323525   MUHAMMAD EMAN RAZA   MUHAMMAD MANGTA M BS Zoology 50.63 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
54 101319720   MALAIKA ZAKA   ZAKA U LLAH F BS Zoology 50.18 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
55 101318618   M.QASIM HABIBI   GHULAM HUSSAIN M BS Zoology 50.12 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
56 101321867   SEMAL   WAHEED F BS Zoology 48.36 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
57 101319898   HARAM MEHDI   MEHDI KHAN F BS Zoology 48.16 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
58 101311142   MUHAMMAD AHAD   MUHAMMAD TANVEER M BS Zoology 46.88 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
59 101323866   ZUMRA RAMZAN   MUHAMMAD RAMZAN F BS Zoology 59.72 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
60 101324482   MARYAM TARIQ   MUHAMMAD TARIQ F BS Zoology 76.00 4th 16-FEB-2416-FEB-24 Replica Awarded
61 101324607   MUNAZA RUSTAM   RUSTAM F BS Zoology 64.42 4th 22-FEB-2422-FEB-24 Replica Fee Paid
Total Eligible Aplicants:   61 Total Seats :   40 Occupied Seats :   18

Vacant Seats :22

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Quota Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status