SEMESTER Spring, 2024

Instructions For All Awarded Students :-

All those students, who has received SMS or his/her admission status is Awarded, Please visit the concerned department along with all orignal academic documents.Two sets of attested academics documnets photocopies and received First semester fee voucher from relevant department

Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Aggr(%) List # Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status
1 101314051   ANAS ALI   MUHAMMAD AHSAN M BS Microbiology 94.46 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
2 101315651   SAMAR ANWAR   ANWAR UL HAQ F BS Microbiology 94.23 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
3 101315459   ABRARULHAQ   MUHAMMAD IQBAL M BS Microbiology 93.90 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
4 101312745   AYESHA MEHMOOD   MEHMOOD AHMAD F BS Microbiology 92.89 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
5 101313237   EENA ISHFAQ   ISHFAQ AHMAD F BS Microbiology 92.19 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
6 101314257   AMN IQBAL   RANA MUHAMMAD IQBAL F BS Microbiology 88.96 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
7 101316306   HAMNA MAMOON   MAMOON UR RASHID F BS Microbiology 88.53 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
8 101312864   ZAIN UL ABIDEEN   ZAFAR IQBAL M BS Microbiology 88.28 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
9 101319191   IMAN   ATIQUE AHMAD DOGAR F BS Microbiology 87.11 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
10 101311886   MUHAMMAD UMAIR AMJAD   MUHAMMAD AMJAD KHAN M BS Microbiology 86.91 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
11 101315516   ABEEHA REHMAN   MUHAMMAD REHMAN F BS Microbiology 86.11 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
12 101316888   AREEHA SABIR   GHULAM SABIR F BS Microbiology 86.11 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
13 101316652   EZZA JAVED   TARIQ JAVED F BS Microbiology 85.03 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
14 101317361   ZOBIA IRSHAD   MUHAMMAD IRSHAD F BS Microbiology 84.60 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
15 101317524   MUHAMMAD ALI SHAIR   ALI ZULQARNAIN M BS Microbiology 84.32 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
16 101318021   MUHAMMAD AHSAN ALI   MUHAMMAD IRSHAD M BS Microbiology 83.82 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
17 101311452   DANISH ALI   KHALID MEHMOOD M BS Microbiology 83.59 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
18 101315963   ABDUL QUDDOOSE KHAN   ISMAT ULLAH M BS Microbiology 81.45 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
19 101310974   MUHAMMAD NAEEM   ABDUL RAZZAQ M BS Microbiology 80.47 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
20 101311355   ALI IMRAN   HAJI AHMAD ASIF M BS Microbiology 79.43 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
21 101314641   AIMAN AMEEN   MUHAMMAD AMEEN F BS Microbiology 78.82 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
22 101316212   ADEBA JAVED   JAVED AKHTAR F BS Microbiology 78.20 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
23 101310944   ABDUL HANAN   SALEEM RAZA M BS Microbiology 77.66 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
24 101312032   NOORIA JAVEED   RANA AMJAD JAVEED F BS Microbiology 77.58 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
25 101311378   AYESHA   MUHAMMAD ASLAM F BS Microbiology 77.58 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
26 101312518   SARA SHABBIR AHMED   SHABBIR AHMED F BS Microbiology 77.17 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
27 101315015   AYESHA SOHAIL   ANJUM SOHAIL F BS Microbiology 77.16 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
28 101315677   MARYAM TARIQ   MUHAMMAD TARIQ F BS Microbiology 76.00 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
29 101321127   ALISHBA   SHAHID F BS Microbiology 75.81 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
30 101313625   MUHAMMAD AMEER HASSAN   RANA INAM RABBANI M BS Microbiology 75.52 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
31 101315287   MUHAMMAD AHSAN SHAHBAZ   MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ M BS Microbiology 75.48 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
32 101320127   MINAHIL FATIMA   QAMAR ABBAS BHUTTA F BS Microbiology 73.68 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
33 101316395   MAJID ALI   KHALID MEHMOOD M BS Microbiology 73.28 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
34 101312290   HAFIZA KHADIJA FATIMA   MUHAMMAD ASGHAR F BS Microbiology 73.19 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
35 101319047   JANNAT   MUHAMMAD ARIF F BS Microbiology 71.90 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
36 101318673   HAFSA JANNAT   MUHAMMAD ALI F BS Microbiology 70.99 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
37 101318121   SADIA HANIF   MUHAMMAD HANIF F BS Microbiology 70.82 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
38 101312096   AYESHA SHOAIB   M.SHOAIB F BS Microbiology 70.57 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
39 101311746   SWERA TAHSEEN   MUHAMMAD TAHSEEN F BS Microbiology 70.24 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
40 101318012   JAVERIA RAMZAN   MUHAMMAD RAMZAN F BS Microbiology 70.22 1st  08-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
41 101311486   FATIMA ABBAS   MUHAMMAD ABBAS F BS Microbiology 70.12 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
42 101312552   EMAN WASEEM   MUHAMMAD WASEEM F BS Microbiology 69.53 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
43 101318496   AMNA KAUSAR   IMTIAZ AHMAD F BS Microbiology 69.10 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
44 101317975   AZKA NOOR TAHIR   MUHAMMAD TAHIR SHAHEEN F BS Microbiology 69.03 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
45 101310942   LAIBA LIAQAT   LIAQAT ALI F BS Microbiology 68.31 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
46 101310756   MUHAMMAD ARMAAN IJAZ   NAVID WASEEM HASSAN M BS Microbiology 67.43 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
47 101314938   AROONA AZEEM   MEHMOOD AZEEM F BS Microbiology 67.11 2nd 22-JAN-2424-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
48 101313860   HASSAN RAZA   MATLOOB HUSSAIN M BS Microbiology 67.11 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
49 101320394   UMAIR KHAN   KHADIM HUSSAIN KHAN M BS Microbiology 66.70 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
50 101318144   ALI ASIM RAZA   MULAZIM HUSSAIN M BS Microbiology 66.31 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
51 101316847   MAHEEN FATIMA   MUHAMMAD ASHRAF F BS Microbiology 66.02 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
52 101313387   MARYAM NOREEN   MUHAMMAD HANIF F BS Microbiology 65.95 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
53 101314588   MUHAMMAD RUMAN   MUHAMMAD ARIF M BS Microbiology 65.20 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
54 101315641   PALWASHA NAVEED   FARHAN NAVEED F BS Microbiology 64.93 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
55 101313523   KINZA MAQBOOL   MAQBOOL AHMAD F BS Microbiology 64.46 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
56 101315340   MARYAM RIAZ   RIAZ HUSSAIN 33103-0860952-6 F BS Microbiology 64.26 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
57 101321879   ZIRWA SHAFIQ   MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ F BS Microbiology 62.73 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
58 101313080   MISHA ABBAS   ABBAS ALI F BS Microbiology 61.48 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
59 101318785   SABA FATIMA SIKANDAR   ASGHAR ALI F BS Microbiology 61.15 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
60 101311581   ABU BAKAR SHABBIR   SHABBIR HUSSAIN M BS Microbiology 60.45 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
61 101312713   YUMNA WASEEM   WASEEM AYYAZ F BS Microbiology 59.74 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
62 101316898   KAYNAT KHALID   CHAUDARY KHALID MASOOD AKHTAR F BS Microbiology 58.77 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
63 101311222   MEHWISH   ATTA ULLAH F BS Microbiology 58.72 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
64 101313634   MAHAM ILYAS   MUHAMMAD ILYAS F BS Microbiology 58.30 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
65 101313087   FARAH KAINAT   MUHAMMAD YASEEN F BS Microbiology 56.86 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
66 101317346   RABIA ZAHID   ZAHID SARFRAZ MAJEED F BS Microbiology 56.33 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
67 101310811   MUHAMMAD SAAD   TANVIR AHMAD M BS Microbiology 56.30 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
68 101313579   MOHAMMAD OMER   NISAR AHMED M BS Microbiology 55.14 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
69 101312230   ZAINAB NOSHEEN   ASHRAF MEHMOOD F BS Microbiology 54.85 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
70 101320280   AMNA FAQEER   FAQEER HUSSAIN F BS Microbiology 54.40 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
71 101320108   AREEBA SULTAN   SULTAN AHMAD KHAN LODHI F BS Microbiology 53.38 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
72 101316476   ESHA TU RAZIA   ILYAS AHMAD AYAZ F BS Microbiology 52.64 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Fee Paid
73 101317140   WAJEEHA ZAFAR   ZAFAR IQBAL F BS Microbiology 51.07 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
74 101322978   LAIBA ILYAS   MUHAMMAD ILYAS F BS Microbiology 50.46 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
75 101322149   MUHAMMAD AHAD   MUHAMMAD TANVEER M BS Microbiology 48.59 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
76 101321331   ZANIB BATOOL   ZAFAR IQBAL F BS Microbiology 47.97 2nd  15-JAN-24  19-JAN-24  Replica Time Expired
77 101311191   QURAT UL AIN   SAEED AHMAD KHAN F BS Microbiology 47.64 2nd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
78 101323862   MUHAMMAD SHAHZAIB KHAN   MALLA KHAN M BS Microbiology 62.19 3rd 22-JAN-2423-JAN-24 Replica Awarded
79 101319026   ZAINAB RAMZAN   MUHAMMAD RAMZAN F BS Microbiology 66.13 4th 31-JAN-2431-JAN-24 Replica Fee Paid
80 101324625   MUHAMMAD HAMID   ZIA UL HAQ M BS Microbiology 59.72 4th 21-FEB-2422-FEB-24 Replica Awarded
81 101315033   AYESHA ZAFAR   ZAFAR IQBAL F BS Microbiology 57.47 4th 15-JAN-2402-FEB-24 Replica Awarded
82 101324764   SANA NASEER   NASEER AHMAD F BS Microbiology 55.06 4th 27-FEB-2427-FEB-24 Replica Awarded
Total Eligible Aplicants:   82 Total Seats :   40 Occupied Seats :   19

Vacant Seats :21

Admission(s) ON Quota / Reserve Seats Besides Open Merit
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Sr # App # Applicant Name Father Name Gender Program Quota Issue date Due Date Morning/Replica Admission Status